Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Pirate Looks at Sixty

A quick shout out to my dad who just had his 60th birthday! To celebrate this milestone my whole familia travelled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for one blissful week filled with goofy family fun, awesome mexican food, sun and surf, lazy days by the pool and more margaritas and cervezas than I need to mention.
As a new mom I give thanks to my dad and I can only hope to be half the parent that my dad has been to my sisters and I. Throughout my youth as a competitive swimmer he regularly woke up with me at 5 am and drove me to and from countless gruelling hours at the pool, packed my sisters and I wholesome school lunches, helped us every night with math homework and cooked scones and pancakes for us every weekend all while running a successful business that he started from scratch. I've never heard him raise his voice nor say a bad word about anyone. In his 50's he battled cancer and now at 60 he is training for his first triathlon. Richard Wey I salute you! xox

My dad with his three young daughters (me lower left eating as usual)

A fun picture of Superman lazing in the Mexican pool

and at the beach

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  1. What a fabulous blog! Why have you been keeping your talent for writing and photography a secret for so long? Well no more, welcome aboard fellow blogger and sister:)