Friday, July 6, 2012

My New Favourite Salad

I haven't had much time lately for adventurous cooking in between changing two set of diapers and running after a 21 month old, breastfeeding a newborn, changing more diapers and then oh, trying to sleep once in a while, and I use the term "sleep" very loosely here. However I have somehow managed to make this Kale Market Salad fairly regularly from the fabulous 101 Cookbooks blog. This salad is so tasty and so healthy that I must admit I feel pretty smug whenever I eat it.

The only time consuming part of this recipe is soaking and then cooking the wheat berries which does in fact require some planning ahead. Speaking of wheat berries...I never realized what a cheap grain it is! I marched into Whole Foods a few weeks ago determined to find this elusive grain and was shocked when I got to the register with a massive bag and it came to only 4 bucks! I thought there surely must have been a mistake and so I smiled and politely thanked the cashier and then promptly ran out of the store clutching my massive bag of wheat berries feeling like I had just robbed a bank. Later, upon closer inspection of my receipt I was actually charged correctly. It turns out that wheat berries are just a very cheap grain. Who'd have thought? It certainly sounds fancy...the same sized bag of quinoa would have cost $20 at least. 

I follow 101 Cookbooks recipe pretty much to a tee, so out of shear laziness and fatigue I don't think I'll bother typing out the recipe myself, just click the link to find the recipe. Enjoy!