Monday, July 11, 2011

Energy Juice

I've been feeling a little energy low this past week or two and I've decided to try to do something about it. Starting with eating healthier, reducing my caffeine intake, taking vitamins more regularly and getting more sleep. Of course that last intention may be wishful thinking but hey, a girl can dream right?

Last night was a particularly rough night in this household since my little guy woke up every 2 hours screaming in pain from his big top tooth cutting through his swollen gums. Ouch! Nothing seemed to soothe him except of course when my husband sang to him but unfortunately Kelly couldn't stay up all night singing. So today the bags under my eyes are looking even darker than usual.

In an attempt to give myself a shot of energy I made some lovely carrot, ginger, beet and apple juice. Unfortunately a juicer is required for this and so if you are lucky enough to own one I highly recommend pulling it out if you are in an energy slump. It's well worth the annoying clean up that invariably comes with juicing.

Here is what I put into mine.

Energy Juice (serves 1)

1 apple
2 carrots
about 1 inch of raw ginger
1 slice of beet

Here is a picture of me and my little guy taken this past weekend at Centennial Beach in Boundary Bay. One of the last of him with no upper tooth poking out. And yes, I like hats!

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